Living Hell

circling the drain caught in the loop of a vicious cycle drowning in a stream of filth sullied by an unyielding torrent – she drinks in a living room alone in fraying pajama pants t-shirts too big on her bony frame wiry hair she washes only when she manages to drag herself out nursing the…

Snapshots of a Small Town

shore leave on sunday local priest smirks condescendingly dark knowledge spilling out over the rim of that pristine white collar. – watch that boy ducking into the cracks in the wall wife alone and desperate for a taste of something new stirring the pot with a thick wooden spoon until hubby gets home. dinner’s ready….

Forged in Fire

one may find in their life sorrow looms we trudge on stoic gaunt resilient forged in fire strengthened through our struggles

Changing Face

hear the rain falling weary tonight spattering against the dry planks gorging swelling in delight oxidation staining blackening tannins ebonizing transforming changing face

First Book Published

This collection of early poems from the blog has just been published on Amazon and is available as an eBook at this time! The book is able to be read for free, shared, and purchased for a modest price if desired. Paperback copies will be available in the near future. Please feel free to check…