As Sweet as it Gets – A Mistress Bradstreet Stanza

extinguishing with the slow-rising sun: one by one, street lamps fading, turning cold. snow, great hoary spirals, swept cross tattered roofs. frozen folds layering the lofty, languid treeline: rows of imposing black oak and red pine. crueler than can be told. pastry landscape, a powder sugar dusted bun.

A Stolen Kiss

does the snow remember the leaf it so briefly kissed as it died melting or the somber grey of winter on her burning gold promises of spring rays of bergamot claim the tender lot sending june to her cheeks blushing seasons alight – flushed red with august – rushed auspicious lush roses dripping frozen ground…

The Cool of Autumn

the cool of autumn cracks this shell of heat summer splinters scattered shards on whistling wind headlights drawing near on lonesome country roads and all i can imagine is infinite directions photons traipsing cross lingering mist and cornstalk silhouettes following familiar paths arriving at the same place

The Blue Eyes of Morning

and the blue eyes of morning blink – closing shut upon the still desolation of harsh winter storms – frozen shut – tears flowing freezing crystal streams streaking diamonds upon the pale face of sorrow – oh how the unpigmented landscape shrieks as the warmth of spring entreats allowing once more the rivers to run…

Rebel Flame

keep that spark rebellion – feed it nurture it shovel in the coals layer it with briquettes douse it in oil – for when the world extinguishes it you’ll be left cold

Cruel November

it’s cold outside in cruel november neath the auburn tinted sky at daybreak and bronzed clouds hang heavily against the backdrop – skeletal remains of once lush landscapes lie barren in silent stoic autumn sleep – piercing winds return in force from bleak lakefronts cross wild country roads – uncertain vapors descend in rain or…