Ashen Bed of the Lake of Fire – A Cywydd Llosgyrnog

heaven explodes with champagne fire matchstick treetops conduct fierce choirs snapping limbs tire cracking sharp timbered titans tumble beneath aqueous cinder flowing seethes drowned earth still breathes ashen bark

Unrequited – A Sedoka

would you drift with me chariot beset with fire deliquesce your icy heart – the chill of winter remains unyielding despite your efforts to stoke the flame

The Field – A Cento

i approach a field. a black piano waits cypress and golden rose, plucked at the chill sunsetting, laurel, amaracus, and dark december vine on the uncovered flesh of anyone brave going back to the root is stillness chilled in the path of darkness asking to be bent, taken by firelight freedom from fear, purity of…

Forged in Fire

one may find in their life sorrow looms we trudge on stoic gaunt resilient forged in fire strengthened through our struggles

Cosmic Zappai

letting her hair down distant stars fall in mourning exploding silence

Rebel Flame

keep that spark rebellion – feed it nurture it shovel in the coals layer it with briquettes douse it in oil – for when the world extinguishes it you’ll be left cold