Detox/Natural Healing – A Chueh-Chu

blanketed in starless night, upon the dew-doused grass, he sleeps without a care beneath sugar scented maple trees. no greater comfort is there, than that which is wild and free; which unburdens the heart and soul, which long years made heavy.


shave the wax from gibbous – whittle it down to a candle suspended serenely in celestial splendor lambent piece of eight placed upon the still eye of the world paying the fare for the journey across stellar styx – two ships passing calmly through space

The Sun in Summer

sanguine summer sun august above the minted morass hazy sweltering heat humid smog opaques obscuring butter churned rays smeared saffron and cream setting in orange glazed oil paint vermillion yolk frozen stretching out wild in feeble ripples still waters disturbed caught beneath the thrust of mayflies pirouetting then passing on

Traffic Light

waiting at a red light 3 a.m. with the window down radio muted the heat of a passing day hovering as mist above the pitted asphalt clouding like bokeh – dilapidated desert streets humming the tune of central air units and mercury-vapor street lamps on life support vibrant and untouched in the palm of night…

Glimmer of Hope

they saw a glimmer of hope slicing through the water – no matter how they tried neither method nor container could clasp it – as a passing cloud settled overhead they lost sight of it – they’ve been searching ever since

Light the Way

she held a candle in her hand at night because it was the only light she had and she watched it whip and flicker behind the door she kept locked and wouldn’t answer even when they knocked she’d sit staring at that candle holding it close til it almost burned her face whispering incandescence –…

Making Way for the Light

you have been told you are wonderful and special and you chose to believe the lie – we are all the same – you can never understand until you experience – i live in shadows because darkness makes way for light – Staring at the sun makes you blind