As Sweet as it Gets – A Mistress Bradstreet Stanza

extinguishing with the slow-rising sun: one by one, street lamps fading, turning cold. snow, great hoary spirals, swept cross tattered roofs. frozen folds layering the lofty, languid treeline: rows of imposing black oak and red pine. crueler than can be told. pastry landscape, a powder sugar dusted bun.

Sincerely, From Des Moines – A Madrigal

what thoughts cross her mind in her copper flat? staring out a second-story window: barren fields, lonely roads, a river’s flow. baring a patina, a well-worn hat: intent to not allow her sheen to show what thoughts cross her mind in her copper flat, staring out a second-story window. ever-evasive, an elusive cat, and all…

The Heather and the Slings – A Sicilian Octave

i watched the birds dance among the heather, hopping and chirping in the breath of spring. no thoughts had they just then as to whether the frost, nor the chill that winter would bring. no future pain: neither now, or ever, might hope to still the songs that they might sing. their voices: full, warm…

Dance of the Water Striders – A Monotetra

we roamed aside the tow’ring hill nearby a lake, whereby we’d fill our canteens up and to their fill. drink in the chill; drink in the chill. we’d sit along the riverside and watch the water striders glide, entranced, intrigued and mystified. minds wand’ring wide; minds wand’ring wide.

They’re Staring Back – A Hir a Thoddaid Poem

we can sit here together all night, until the first rays of morning light. staring up at stars and satellites, we imagine strange celestial sights: alien, vast, overwhelming and eldritch. understand, they’re staring back in spite.

Painted Lady – An Awdl Gywydd

so long, strange painted lady. your stately manor, now ash, looms etern’lly proud and sure. solid as you were, frail glass.

View From a Parking Lot at 6 am – A Sonnet

chalky sky, rorschach trees, songbirds stirring. cruel breeze rustling through slated overgrowth, subdued ‘neath viscous weight. raindrops spurring sediment’ry displacement, bound by oath. a lone squirrel bounds from limb to limb, bending weathered branches silhouetted against the blue hour. sullen, overcast, fending off the heat of blooming hours, incensed. puddles like rippling continents flowing into…