As Sweet as it Gets – A Mistress Bradstreet Stanza

extinguishing with the slow-rising sun: one by one, street lamps fading, turning cold. snow, great hoary spirals, swept cross tattered roofs. frozen folds layering the lofty, languid treeline: rows of imposing black oak and red pine. crueler than can be told. pastry landscape, a powder sugar dusted bun.

The Heather and the Slings – A Sicilian Octave

i watched the birds dance among the heather, hopping and chirping in the breath of spring. no thoughts had they just then as to whether the frost, nor the chill that winter would bring. no future pain: neither now, or ever, might hope to still the songs that they might sing. their voices: full, warm…

Unrequited – A Sedoka

would you drift with me chariot beset with fire deliquesce your icy heart – the chill of winter remains unyielding despite your efforts to stoke the flame

Natural Jazz

look out towards latticed crust forestry heaving upon the tide of heavy wind laced in crystalline distillate – how sorrowful their posture barren in midwinter dull and grey – fenced off by toasted oat reeds fibrous weeds flourishing amidst the desaturated landscape – at times i believe i’m searching for color – that if I…

Cruel November

it’s cold outside in cruel november neath the auburn tinted sky at daybreak and bronzed clouds hang heavily against the backdrop – skeletal remains of once lush landscapes lie barren in silent stoic autumn sleep – piercing winds return in force from bleak lakefronts cross wild country roads – uncertain vapors descend in rain or…