Grit & Edge #1

Hello All,

I just came across a script for a series riffing on Frank Miller, his writing style and characterization. I wrote these a couple years back when I wanted to poke fun at his gritty, edgy approach to the medium, so I decided to portray it through this on-the-nose series. My intention was to make fun of his sexist, racist, psychotic, gratuitous approach by turning a mirror on it.

Though I never found an artist to bring the scripts to life, I penned about one volume of the series. This series was all in good fun. The characters are deplorable reflections of the ones they are inspired by. This won’t be for all. It was directly aimed at an audience familiar with the writings of Frank Miller. I look at this as the deformed offspring of All Star Batman and Robin, Sin City, and Holy Terror.

Just a warning: There are depictions of sexual assault and hyper-violence throughout. There are racial terms used by some of the more sordid characters, though they are punished.

If you find any of this interesting and would like to see the remaining scripts, feel free to reach out and let me know. I now present, Grit & Edge #1.

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