Desert Plum

Drop it all leaving it


in the back of my mind

racing towards the unseen

edge of an endless


to possibility

the spirit of america

calling to me

it’s rasping

rotting in the dry heat

of a setting southwestern sun

I’ve never taken drugs

but I want to

watch the world melt down

around me

feel time speed

slowing to a stop

watch the pale splotchy skin of

my hands

peel and recede


expose bones that creak

popping under weight



I want to cut my wrists

let the blood seep out that open sore


of some untreated infection

douse the unmolested dust

in some undisturbed patch of land in New Mexico

see what

tainted fruit

takes root

I want to pluck the fruit from my tree

bite into it

savor the astringent succulence

a desert plum

born of adversity

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