spent the day

painting a self-portrait

collected materials

arranged the studio

mixed the paints and

set to work

didn’t use a mirror

instead I


what I saw

using broad strokes

let the colors blend

into each other

like to smear them


how they bleed through

layer it real nice

until it looks like

it might just peel off

apply the palette knife

ease through like

warm butter

reveal what’s


douse it in paint thinner

watch it run

into the carpet


muddy brown and

sickly sage

turpentine scent


throw dirt and rocks and

human hair then

see what sticks

speckle it in rust flakes

prick a finger

sign it in blood

underline it in shit

endorsed with piss

hang it from

a nail in the gallery

behind violet

velvet rope



the majesty

of the formless self

cracking in an empty room

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