Campus to Corporate

college kid

bright eyed


view of a world

conceived in



guiding along the prescribed path

work hard

go far

grades are representative of your drive

your ambition

invest in certificates and

broken promises

not in what you love

compete against your peers

to serve another

the corporations

limited liability organizations

axe the cattle

to save the ranch

branded by

billion dollar brands

graded on arbitrary measurements

to reap greater returns

for less than a fraction

work towards that

new title granting

more work for

stagnant pay

just comfortable enough to stay

yet not enough to

keep the mind from wandering

cliche as it is

slaves in white collars and

cheap ties

just for decoration

pace the office landscape

with pale indifference

fruitless shrubs sprouting

‘neath halogen light

yearning for the view of an open sky

so they plant them near the window

some break through that


glass ceiling

live comfortably if




pursue their vices and


some play the role of

magnanimous leader

offering bonuses

that barely


the coffers

and many more

conceive a closed off creation in

their own image

on the backs of those

who some say

have taken on lesser risks

because if history has taught us anything

it’s that

employment is stable


all companies

have the best of intentions

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