Drowning in Puddles

friend speaks


to listen

tells me i should look on the bright side


down from a high rise

obscured by the sun


soft as his sensibilities




shudders at the the shallow burs

barely digging at his heels

they nag


but his feet don’t bleed

look friend

at those puddles behind


my ragged shoes

leaking through holes formed from wear

turning black

drying with age

when i speak

it flows from these wounds

i’ve bore witness and

been subject to

the cruelty of friends and strangers

been injured by family

taken advantage of in youthful naivety and good nature

slept on peoples’ couches when i was driven from home

passed out in a line when i barely had money for food

never had the advantages and been sheltered from the harshness as you have

you stumble over bumps in your path and call them mountains

you have been told nothing

but sweet nothings

and it has made you weak

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