Off the Beaten Path

i’m writing poetry through jaded eyes

sitting on the floor staring at a dimmed down screen

on a broken down computer that

reminds me of one of those

as-is cars you find in a lot

i’m propped against the wall


ass digging into the beige shag carpeting

in a town that belongs to the old

i’ve slept most all day

recuperating from a week that never seemed to end

living on hope which

i assure others had long ago taken flight

i got an email when i awoke

from one of the many applications i’d been sending out

informing me they’re appreciative of my interest but

they’ve decided to go in another direction

i contemplate the merits of just quitting and

living on the streets

become another millenial beat down

kerouac proxy

maybe then i’d find my tristessa

sprawled out in butterfly beauty

aching for love

in a new mexico rest stop

maybe howl in madness

as ginsberg did

angry and distressed at

the world and its inconsistencies

or burrow into isolation

become a junky

shedding light on the industry

while dining on naked lunch

moreso though

i want to be me

i want my voice to be heard above the cacophony

i want it to be heard in the minds of readers

who felt alone


i want them to find something positive

through my negative words and experiences

knowing they

will make it through

i want to be honest

like the beats

exposing truth as i see it

conveyed through my words

maybe we don’t all need to hop a train

binge drugs sex and alcohol

plant ourselves in a city far from home

to find it



what we need is time for ourselves

to seek what we’re missing


find it

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