Share This Silence

we never speak and i like it that way

we can read each other

between the lines

the subtext of body language

hanging on every word left


so many people

say so much

and so little at

the same time

filling the space between with vapid small talk

insipid ideas

leaching our intellect

making us numb and


no sense of direction

so little purpose or meaning in the words of so many


i must admit

i too am guilty in this way

i have spent months with men and women

speaking at great length

enjoying their company

and know them less for it

when speaking of ideologies



ambition and dreams

i find even the closest companion slinking


to that warm pillowy bosom of familiarity


empty words

hollow interactions

junk food of the soul

tiding us over

in the absence of a meal

let’s speak the uncomfortable words

unveil the things we hide

engage in discourse which challenges us

alters our perspective and

causes us to seek

more questions

let’s argue

so that we know we still have passion

remind ourselves to give a fuck

until then

let’s just share this silence

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