hello friend

i don’t know you


at least

we have the memories

that brief moment

we were close

i suppose

it’s inevitable


where we start

is never the same

where we finish

rarely so

as well

two different people

two sides of

the same coin

two shades of

the same color

these subtleties

make all

the difference

vibrating at different frequencies

following separate paths

viewing the world

from different angles


we’re both clinging to the thin threads

of reminiscence

pining for the day that youthful comradery will again


igniting the flame of fraternity

you were

my brother


i don’t know you

i loved you as

no other

trusted you

as I

no longer am capable

we are both at fault and

i believe

we both envision ourselves the

righteous man

is it better to atrophy

or to amputate

together we stand

once more

before the open casket

the viewing for the corpse of

our withered bond

solemn faced

stony stoicism

the only two present

to pay it our

final respects

i’ve come prepared

before we lay it to rest

let’s have the


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