A Walk at Midnight

took a walk at midnight

mid december

neath the full moon in

open air

past lonely cornfields


cut to the quick at


didn’t speak just

kept walking

through empty streets

across from

apartment complexes

storage units

street lamps

desolate strip malls

i don’t like this world

in the light of day

only when it sleeps

can i appreciate

her beauty

when the impatient

insufferable masses

retreat to the comfort of their

egg cartons and

mortgage rate domiciles

affirmations of their success and

sound decision making

may i emerge from my own

cubicle dimensioned

discount housing unit

i pace aimlessly

for hours

soaking in the ambient noise and

mating microbes

content with the illusion

of all other

human life extinct

alone in the world

in isolation

the illusion will

not last

evaporated in the heat of

rising sun at


rousing the swarm of

insect humanity

to entreat on tranquil

ocean earth

i shall

bar the door

draw the shades

mute the television

and feign absence

til the daywalkers

take refuge