The Things We Carry

your positivity

is a ruse

more lies to tell yourself

in the chill of

early morning and lonely nights

dreading your $20 an hour job

wearing a pasted-on smile beneath sad eyes

darkening and puffy

suffering with a grin

in constant competition

with people

who you never cross the mind of

posting photos

in an attempt to gain approval


to be lauded over


that you now

are their superior

a man

a professional

secure and

has your shit together

you found yourself many times

in the woods

in the rockies

in athletics

in love

where will it be tomorrow

or the next day

the day after

so on


is not

the same

as progress

nor evolution

nor growth

i know

because i ran

and discovered i was caught in the wheel

we can’t run

from the things we carry

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