Crying With the Wind

i sat by the window

and it was cold that night

but i let the air in anyway

billowing past ruffling my

blackout shade


with a rumbling rippling

until at last settling

once more

on the chipping egg white

of the pitted frame

it made me uncomfortable

but i found


in that place

perched on a stained mattress

gazing into the black

there’s so little noise in this condition

when the winds are cold

and the wilds sunk beneath the

shade of night

the breeze sings me her secrets

whistling from unseen corners

the damp scent of hay and pond water

the looming rot of deteriorating flesh

hidden carcass on some nearby earthen road

i want to flow upon her lips

lose myself in her lyrics

kiss her from within

escape this

ordinary life

drift and be


grant me my wings

or drop me

into boiling oceans

bleach my bones

make me undone

the chill reminds me to feel

rouses me from waking sleep

disquiets my mind

applying internal electro shock

plunging me into white waters

of a racing mind


with towering rocks

of hope and


i sit here

til the blue hour

is the same shade as my heart


with the wind

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