Curious Final Thoughts

plummeting from the cliff

at daybreak

i see myself

reflected in the shallow pool that

breaks my fall

the rocks appear rather jagged from this height

proliferating many a ponderous

wicked thought

as to whether i will feel their


barbed teeth

sink into my plushy flesh

my slow descent allows for a fair amount

of humorous

though-be-it dark

images to play out in my head


a plump tomato
tossed against the glass table below

rattling like so many pumpkin seeds in a coffee can

as my entrails are forced through my mouth

like toothpaste

at the slightest pressure ‘neath the thumb of fate

laughter may truly make you lighter

as i could swear i’m falling in slow motion

flying with the many-winged beasts of this forest landscape

watching the northern pike beneath me in the midst of spawning

i am glad they will be able to eat so heartily

as i have so many times upon their flaking flesh

upon my own

it is a shame they be deprived cornmeal and heat

which allows for such robust flavor

but i’m sure they won’t mind much

perhaps, time permitting, i will become another stone to line the stream

bones polished by the silt and flow of a river alive

or maybe

a stalking hunter will find me afloat in kool-aid rapids

planting me at home
in the city

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