View From a Parking Lot at 6 am – A Sonnet

chalky sky, rorschach trees, songbirds stirring.

cruel breeze rustling through slated overgrowth,

subdued ‘neath viscous weight. raindrops spurring

sediment’ry displacement, bound by oath.

a lone squirrel bounds from limb to limb, bending

weathered branches silhouetted against

the blue hour. sullen, overcast, fending

off the heat of blooming hours, incensed.

puddles like rippling continents flowing

into each other across a cobbled

walk. sodden earth engorged, resting, growing

green. the fallen leaf – vessel tossed – hobbled.

weary weather whisp’ring wetly, marbles

melding, merging – rivers rolling, garbled.

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