Scribbling Autumn

pen of time scribbling autumn dripping ink shaded charcoal upon the page – embraced in black all color eroded swallowed in its muted gaze monochromed silenced – hush the whir of vehicles ambience inhale the smoke of moonless nights – the last word written upon the page blending lost within a stained season

The Cool of Autumn

the cool of autumn cracks this shell of heat summer splinters scattered shards on whistling wind headlights drawing near on lonesome country roads and all i can imagine is infinite directions photons traipsing cross lingering mist and cornstalk silhouettes following familiar paths arriving at the same place

Autumn Blush

how many times have your thoughts drifted to turning wheels to cracked pavement to rolling tides of autumn grain streaming past windows down exhaling stale breath modernity inhaling fresh air forest pine and soil new sights before you the familiar reflected in the rear view chasing tomorrow emerging reinvigorated eyes tracing the horizon following the…