Autumn Blush

how many times

have your thoughts drifted

to turning wheels to cracked pavement

to rolling tides of autumn grain

streaming past

windows down


stale breath modernity


fresh air forest pine and soil

new sights before you

the familiar

reflected in the rear view

chasing tomorrow



eyes tracing the horizon

following the rise of apricot sun


smearing hues across the skyline

sherbet streams and rock candy silence

layered whipped cream clouds and indigo icing

rasping of weeds



following lead of an unseen hand

lie in the brush

autumn blush

hopping in wigwam leaf piles

savoring smoke of distant flame

eager nostrils flaring with desire


pressing bare feet into the living ground

awe at the chartreuse bedding bending to your weight

prickling soles with bladed kiss

warm memories

cold impermanence

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