sitting outside of work

dilapidated jeep

light misting


spreading like button mushrooms

across the windshield

fluid bulbs trapping light

obscured sun hidden from sight

smog grey clouds splayed overhead

so thick

I think they’re grazing the treeline

piercing the turgid mat

gnarled limbs

ruffled fingers swaying

with anticipation

they dance for the rain

as we once danced for the rain

thanking the unholy


yet grateful nonetheless

i stuck my arm out the window

reaching toward sky just like them

wanting to touch clouds

shear that wispy down

scoop the ice from its core and swallow it

to feel the chill

i let the dew bead

across alabaster flesh

observed as marbles

rolled upon the darkness of my follicles


drinking in rain

sharing in the culture of the peaceful ent


my roots must be displaced


because today I work

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