Some Other Time

recently i was asked do you love your family? i quickly responded No. there a hushed pause lingered on the other end of the line broken by the utterance of a meek confused Why? it’s a long story i said some other time

Open Unto You – An Endecha

i hold you in my arms and they remain empty despite their deep longing for your warmth open unto you a love you can’t requite

Unrequited – A Sedoka

would you drift with me chariot beset with fire deliquesce your icy heart – the chill of winter remains unyielding despite your efforts to stoke the flame

Pathogen Rose

as much as it disgusts me i still love her – despite her infidelity the mind games the constant guilt i still look back on the good times – she shaped me groomed me helped me discover so much – introduced me to the highest highs the lowest lows guided me towards manhood – i…

Old Wounds Pt. 1

I met her on a dating app, finally reserved to seeking conversation in place of sex. The tedious, critical process of selectively swiping on potential partners reduced to a mindless exercise, apathetically thumbing through profiles while never glancing down at the screen. This had become habitual, more impulse than directed action. Running out of potential…