Pathogen Rose

as much as

it disgusts me

i still

love her

despite her


the mind games

the constant


i still look back on the good times

she shaped me

groomed me

helped me discover so much

introduced me to

the highest highs

the lowest lows

guided me

towards manhood

i thought i


wanted sex

all i wanted was


the afterglow

post-coital bliss

enveloped in warm sweat beaded embrace


of sex emanating

wet spot love marking


and experimentation

baring my soul to

the one person

i allow to

see me

guard down

baring my soul

to her

every secret


i can’t forget that

no matter

how it ended

or the time that passes

here’s to you

pathogen rose

with the sweet lips and

thorn tipped tongue

blooming out of sight

for whoever prunes you