Curious Final Thoughts

plummeting from the cliff at daybreak i see myself reflected in the shallow pool that breaks my fall – the rocks appear rather jagged from this height proliferating many a ponderous wicked thought as to whether i will feel their innumerable barbed teeth sink into my plushy flesh – my slow descent allows for a…

Morning – A Haiku

morning spent alone rattling distant railroad tracks grey sky and treeline

To Yearn

sitting in the woods beneath the shade canteen full of lemonade handful of trail mix summertime rustic lean-to fashioned from felled sticks country life for country hicks tucked away sublime undaunted to return from here would be a crime where the woodland creatures chime yet still she’s haunted cursed to leave to return and to…

For All the World – A Kyrielle

somewhere far across the ocean opalescent adorned in pearl stagnant lost removed from motion a hidden gem for all the world – ancient bricks and crystal pathways sunk beneath brine and ocean swirl drowned in foam and coral bouquets a hidden gem for all the world

Ice Shattered Flowers- A Breccbairdne

ice shattered flowers sinking in the whistling wind subduing rigid stems the cool rain drizzling – shimmering parterre festive floral vessels tranquilly set adrift coursing pools of beryls – nectarine sunlight gusting gales of august quickened by its gentle shove towards dusk and stardust