Island Heart

she bids adieu

to sun bleached shores

slinking through sand

before sunrise

chilly opalescence

shimmering pale morning light

breathing deep the nautical breeze

gazing off to distant lands

beyond the horizon

far from where her passion lies

shipwrecked heart

tossed unto island seclusion

suffering rays of a sun which

disrupts the darkness

confronting the hidden

alone with herself

her lurid thoughts

billowing foam on the grey matter of

her reality

no longer sure of the distinction

between truth and fabrication

cobbling together a makeshift raft

but too afraid

to christen the patchwork vessel

and mount the waves

too far removed

to trace a signal in the sand

to call out to a passing ship

opting instead

to burn in the sun

drinking thalassic brine

seized by cramps

succumbing at last

to the elements

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