Detox/Natural Healing – A Chueh-Chu

blanketed in starless night, upon the dew-doused grass, he sleeps without a care beneath sugar scented maple trees. no greater comfort is there, than that which is wild and free; which unburdens the heart and soul, which long years made heavy.

Neon and Novocaine

voice glissading gliding on synth waves neon and novocaine – heroine heartache naked beneath the colors

Unrequited – A Sedoka

would you drift with me chariot beset with fire deliquesce your icy heart – the chill of winter remains unyielding despite your efforts to stoke the flame

The Miles Between Us

i walked in behind her carrying a distended plastic sack bulging with all manner of goods and produce not saying a word as she removed her coat in a single sudden motion maintaining a stolid steady stride straight into the bedroom slamming the door shut behind her. – i stood there as the echoes of…

Pioneer Spirits

pioneer spirits take to the plains once more – you’ve stood your ground too long – seek out new unexplored avenues scale hills and mountaintops gaze upon a world spread out before you taste the unknown fruits of exploration toss aside the compass of expectation pursue the stars of your constellation let your prairie soul…

Island Heart

she bids adieu to sun bleached shores slinking through sand before sunrise chilly opalescence shimmering pale morning light breathing deep the nautical breeze gazing off to distant lands beyond the horizon far from where her passion lies shipwrecked heart tossed unto island seclusion suffering rays of a sun which disrupts the darkness confronting the hidden…