The Miles Between Us

i walked in behind her carrying a distended plastic sack

bulging with all manner of goods and produce

not saying a word as she removed her coat in

a single sudden motion


a stolid steady stride

straight into the bedroom

slamming the door shut behind her.

i stood there as the echoes of rattling pine on pine subsided

returning at last

to the buzzing electrical hum of a house at rest.

fist clenched bag straining under the weight of its uninvited mass.

i felt it then

the release

the overwhelming relief

of pressure leaving my arm.

looking down i saw it all.

a tear emerging from its cloudy face like a smug smirk

quickly expanding and opening into a hissing fit of laughter

as its contents spilled upon the floor

thudding chuckles on latticed tiling.

i stood there for what seemed an eternity

but more reasonably perhaps

was but only a few seconds

as she exited her dark abode

pausing at the frame.

looking down

she saw it spread before me

glancing next

to the now mangled receptacle

clutched desperately in my balled up fist.

returning to the brackish boudoir she emerged

with a bag of her own

hastily packed with articles of clothing spilling out

in a rapacious cotton polyester blend rainbow

briskly cascading past me and out the front door.

i heard the ignition and felt the miles between us

i sat there in the mess

letting my heart tear open as well

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